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Probiotics: pros and cons

Are probiotics good for your stomach? Do probiotics help the gut microbiome? Can probiotics cure irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Probiotics have been a hot topic for several years now and continue to gain popularity.  They have been hailed as a potential solution for numerous gut health problems. What exactly are probiotics and does the published research match the hype?

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Apple cider vinegar: worth a shot?

What's all the hype behind apple cider vinegar? Is it good for your gut?

The first time I heard about the trend of drinking apple vinegar to benefit your health was actually in the hospital. A young woman had seriously burned the mucosal lining of her esophagus by giving the trend a shot. Turns out she's not alone. Before we go any further, just a quick public service announcement that if you're dead set on drinking vinegar, please dilute it with plenty of water.

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